Stop tracking. Widen your lens.

What it takes to make sustainable changes in the workplace when time is limited

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Tracking news.

Tracking goals at work.

Tracking other people’s status.

Tracking sleep.

Tracking fitness activities.

Ironically “tracking” is described as the act of going after or in the tracks of another.

In its healthy form tracking is a form of feeding back information to enable faster learning and better decision making.

Its unhealthy expression leads to control, lack of trust and ultimately frustration.


At work, I often meet people, whose calendars are packed.

They keep chasing one online meeting after the other. Day by day.

And their inbox is full-full.

The next possible timeslot for some creative work is available on October 14th 2021.


How do we make sustainable changes in the workplace when time is so limited? How can we free up human potential and unlock creativity? And where do we start?

There are 4 Dimensions we need to work on simultaneously:

  1. The I - (Self-)Leadership & Engagement.

  2. The WE - Organizational Culture & Relationships.

  3. The IT - Practices & Processes.

  4. The ITS - Organizational Structures & Environment.

Usually, many teams start doing Agile. They self-organize their work and operate with some variant of Scrum, Kanban or a mix.

Most of them regularly reflect on how things went and come up with action items that improve their process, practice or structure.

This is the easy path. Many teams followed this path.

And they grew. But many never flew.

Inspecting and adapting the exterior, that is the IT and the ITS dimension and improving processes, practises and structures does not empower them to truly take off and fly.

Here is an idea: The alternative path to Agile Transformation is focussing on the interior while simultaneously improving the exterior.

Focussing on the interior means focussing on the I and the WE dimension.

It’s about deep inner growth.

Levelling up self-awareness, leadership presence, conversational intelligence, curiosity, courage and co-creation.

This means acknowledging that true agility (or Being Agile) can never be experienced from the same level of consciousness.

We’ll need to widen our lens. Zoom out.

We’ll need to add new dimensions to our focus.

Working with the exterior as well as working with the interior.

Improving processes, practices, structures and competencies as well as expanding our A.W.A.R.E.ness.

To make you and your team fly, you’ll need to outgrow your need for control and transform fear into courage.

You’ll need to let go of performing and conforming in the tracks of another.

You are going to pave the way and lead from a place of deep integrity.

Your hand, your head, your heart are all aligned.

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