2 Formulas: Spiral up or spiral down? Burn-out or self-actualization? You choose!

A piece on leading with awareness

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Consistent action creates consistent results.

In other words: keep going, keep looking. Don’t settle. Do your (inner) work and it will work.

Consistency? Hard AF.

I haven’t shown up for you during the past two weeks. No inspiration was delivered to your inbox. Did you notice?

Hm… at least I was aware of the inner voice judging me harshly because I “did not take my commitments seriously enough”.

❔ If you had to double click on the word “A.W.A.R.E”, what comes up for you?

Leading with awareness is a skill that improves with practice.

A Accept - What if I accepted what’s happening in the present moment instead of going into resistance? “To accept” does not mean that I have to agree! It is very powerful to practise acceptance in the face of disagreement.

W Wonder - Follow your wonder. It’s a trail. It’s an exploration. Where would being curious without looking for an answer take me? Drop your know-it-all attitude (and the urge to being right), start wondering!

A Aspire - We are used to setting smart goals. They motivate us and we use them to push us forward. Goals activate the mental level. An aspiration, however, engages our whole system. It pulls us forward. An aspiration activates the engagement and alignment of our hands, hearts and heads!

R Respond - There are two formulas. Spiral up? Or spiral down? Choose one.

  1. Formula “React”: Resist + Know it all + Being right + Reach smart goals = React because of change and the sense of not being in control … might lead to burn-out.

  2. Formula “Respond”: Notice what is + Pause + Accept + Wonder + Aspire = Respond to change … leads to self-actualization.

To better deal with today’s ever-increasing uncertainty and rapid change, we need to stop reacting and start responding. It’s counter-intuitive. You don’t have to cope with reality. You can also consciously choose to lead and create from the emerging future.

E Empathy - In business we often see this world where emotions are unseen and held inside. They are seen as distractions because many of us feel overwhelmed with creating and holding space for other people’s emotions like fear, anger or shame. Practising empathy is being with somebody’s experience without losing yourself in it.

I hope you like that!

Let me know what you are most curious about? What do you want to learn more about?

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