The Creator's Hour

7 Rules for a #startslow Morning

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When the sky turns slightly golden-orange and the fog on the water starts lifting Brahma Muhurta has already passed.

It’s Golden Hour now. (For photographers.)

And it’s magic when the sun gently touches my nose.


Here is something interesting about creative work.

Brahma Muhurta translates as “The Creator’s Hour.”

Well, okay, actually it’s only 48 minutes.

The ancient Indians measured time with the smallest unit, a nimesha - the blink of an eye.

15 nimesha = one kashta

15 kashta = one laghu

15 laghu = one ghatika

2 ghatika (30 laghu) = one muhurta

30 muhurta = one day (of 24 hours)

So, one muhurta lasts 48 minutes.

Brahma Muhurta is the penultimate “muhurta” before sunrise. It starts 96 mins before sunrise and lasts 48 mins.

The wise say it is the best time.

Time for meditation, yoga, reading and prayer.

Time for creative work.

Graham Fink shared how he feels. There is something “collective” about this time.

You get the feeling you are tapping into something bigger.

The mind seems calmer and sharper.


As to whether it works or not, I feel that a well-framed morning gives me time and space to arrive and start slow.

So here are my Top 7 Rules for a #startslow Morning

1/ Let your loved ones know when you are ready for conversations in the morning. I need at least a half cup of coffee!

2/ Before going to bed, switch your phone to aeroplane mode. Optional: Set an alarm at 96 minutes before sunrise.

3/ Catch The Creator’s Hour or The Golden Hour and feel the first sun rays on your nose.

4/ Watch, observe, enjoy nature.

5/ Have coffee and 1/2 litre of water!

6/ Check-in with yourself: what is this day about? What needs of BEING do I have today?

7/ Don't think about DOING things yet! Treat yourself well. Give time. Arrive. I need at least an hour ...

Hope that was of some creative help.

With love,