Don't take mirrors so seriously

The true reflection can be felt in the heart.

Mirrors lie.

They reflect what’s visible to the eye.

They reflect what can be seen on the surface.

Mirrors don’t show you what’s inside.

The true reflection can be felt in the heart.

So don’t take them so seriously.

Work with them in a fun way.


A fast way to allow change into your life is to use mirrors and feel beyond the surface.

Go and try this:

  1. Stand your ground: a mirror puts you back in place. Look at your face in the mirror and notice your feet on the ground. Now notice the space around you, notice the mirror and look beyond. Can you see the room in which you are standing? Check your feet again and notice the strength of the connection to the ground. Now increase the strength of connection to the max! Have you ever felt sooo strong? 💪

  2. Love your resistance: building up resistance to doing something or not wanting or allowing to feel something is a very efficient way of wasting energy. Some might also call it procrastination. Imagine the mirror reflects back to you the feeling of resistance. What’s the bodily sensation that comes up in such a moment? What would happen if you dropped the resistance? Just let the sensation flow through your system. Allowing this is more powerful than meeting the resistance with resistance 🥰

Enjoy this week! And watch out for the mirrors in your life. Essentially everything that’s “not working the way it should”, “not feeling good enough” or that “is unclear” can work as a mirror.

Stop wasting energy, look beyond and notice the invisible!

Happy weekend!